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… 2017-12-08 2012-04-02 For more than a decade, Serendipity has focused on transforming cutting edge technologies into products and services that bring value to the world. Ranging from environmentally friendly alternatives to existing products to novel products that pave the way and set new standards in their respective fields, we seek to build sustainable businesses with global markets. 2018-04-25 2021-01-26 Serendipity in Research: Let's Not Leave It to Chance. Nick Shockey is Director of the Right to Research Coalition. There has always been something serendipitous about the progress of research—the right person coming into contact with the right ideas under the right circumstances. Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to meet Jack Andraka, perhaps 株式会社Serendipity In Research & Innovations 持続可能なイノベーションによるより良い未来をつくります。 東京都 渋谷区神南1-11-3,PORTAL POINT SHIBUYA FD-04 2013-02-18 2001-05-10 Second in a #ReadWithMe series. Matt Ridley’s How Innovation Works is a treasure trove of examples which suggest that innovation is often serendipitous.

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The paper describes how computer scientists have been generating “serendipity-inducing systems.” 2018-02-01 most important yet most elusive facets of discovery: serendipity. Methodology and Demographics This paper summarizes the results of SAGE research and development efforts in 2015, including user-experience (UX) research, semi-structured interviews, and surveys alongside reviewing the relevant published library and information science literature. The Serendipity in Research and Innovation, SIRI, project will investigate the role, management and impact of serendipity on research performance, focusing on the desirability and feasibility of targeting research. Read a preliminary research agenda. Serendipity in the research field of magnetism A bundled soft X-ray beam with a diameter of less than 50 nanometers writes numerous magnetic vortices, which together form the term "MPI-IS".

T1 - Serendipity in Anthropological Research - The Nomadic Turn. AU - Jacobsson, Katarina.

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Other examples of serendipity in inventions include: The Post-It Note, which emerged after 3M scientist Spencer Silver produced a weak adhesive, and a colleague used it to Silly Putty, which came from a failed attempt at synthetic rubber. The use of sensors to prevent automobile air bags from 2016-05-01 · Encouraging serendipity in research: Designing technologies to support connection-making ☆ 1. Introduction Understanding the way that people think and make associations among their own interests, resources and 2. Rationale and contribution This paper investigates how people can make connections Our research suggests that a framework for classifying serendipity should consider aspects associated with the activity, the value of the information, the source of the information and the Although much has been written about serendipity, its significance in laboratory animal research has not received a great deal of attention.

Serendipity in research & innovations

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Serendipity in research & innovations

Entreprenören Ashkan Pouya blir ny innovationsdirektör vid Lunds universitet. företag som samlats i inkubatorn Serendipity Innovations. Technological Innovation and the Transition Toward Smart, Safe and Klyver, K (2019) With help from strangers: Networking for serendipity and social status,  Serendipity Challenge Summit Stockholm är ett årligt event där politiker och investerare diskuterar entreprenörskap, innovation och framtida teknik.

Serendipity in research & innovations

Bigger groups, bigger fun. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Introduction. Serendipity is often credited with contributing to innovation (Campanario, 1996), the acceleration of business growth (University of Canterbury, 2013), and new research directions (Foster & Ford, 2003).Thus, in the bigger picture, it is important to understand serendipity, what influences it, and what may facilitate it. Serendipity In Research & Innovations.
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Serendipity in research & innovations

First, we learned about radical innovation and how serendipity can  This broadening of the definition of innovation to marketing and organisation is of research seek officially to foster innovation, synergy and serendipity, i.e. the  9 Dec 2020 What I find myself thinking about now is how much more challenged serendipitous innovation has become. Imagine two researchers attending  3 Jan 2015 UK Research Council funds a project of 1,87 million Pounds aimed at understanding the role that serendipity plays in research and innovation  23 May 2013 Breakthrough innovation often relies on serendipity. Research from Wharton School suggests knowledge flows to be highly critical for  25 Apr 2018 Serendipity plays an outsize role in life science innovation.

2011-08-23 Serendipity was founded in 2004 with the goal to identify, develop, and invest in technologies and trends with global market potential. We are company builders. As such, our focus and core competence lies in the processes of company development. 2017-09-16 2013-10-27 The story of serendipity: It's true that serendipity and good fortune are often cited as key factors in making scientific innovations.
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2 Oct 2007 Research limitations/implications The value chain innovation roadmap represents a useful framework for exploring the current state and future  11 Apr 2016 Purpose-built versus serendipitous innovation links: New survey firms, researchers, and workers is assumed to facilitate the generation and  Companies that point proudly to well-funded research labs and streams of new products are usually pointing to sustaining innovations-the kind that satisfy  Serendipity Innovation's core business is to create new innovative companies based on leading academic research.